Ring Nebula in Lyra

M57 LHaRGB Image

Camera Control:
M57 - Ring Nebula
Date: Jul 07, 2006 Time: 01:28 CDT Location: Haltom City Texas
Instrument: 279mm f/10 SCT @ f/6.3 Mount: Losmandy Gemini-G11 Guiding: 90mm f/11 Guidescope - ST4
Extra Hardware: Robofocus,Focusmax Seeing: Fair Transparency: Good
Camera: SBIG ST7 Filter Wheel: CFW8 Filter: AstroDon LHaRGB
Exposure: 4 x 300 Seconds LHaRGBMaxim DL Processing: MaximDL, PS6.0

Image Center: RA 18h 53m 34s, Dec 33d 02m 04s, Pos Angle -83d 00m
Effective Focal Length 1992.6mm ~.93" per pixel
Notes: Nearly Full Moon. Ambient Temp 78 Degrees F
Luminance Layer 50% Summed with Ha Layer and Red Layer 50% Summed with Ha Layer