M57 - Planetary Nebula


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Planetary Nebula

M57 - Planetary Nebula - North is to the Left
Date: Jul 22, 2008 Time: 03:00 CST Location: Haltom City Tx
Instrument: 253mm f/9 RCOS RC Mount: AP1200GTO Guiding: Internal Guider
Extra Hardware: None Seeing: Good Transparency: Fair
Camera: SBIG ST-10XME Filter Wheel: Internal Filter: AstroDon LHaRGB
Exposure: 3 x 300 Seconds Camera Control: MaximDL 4.11 Processing: MaximDL,Sigma-Reject, PSCS
Image Center: RA 18h 53m 35s, Dec +33d 01m 47s, Pos Angle 78d
Effective Focal Length 2286.7 mm ~.68" per Pixel
Notes: Calm. Temp ~82 Degrees F. Guiding was ~ .9 arc second.