Barnard 33


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Barnard 33 - Orion - North is to the Left
Date: Jan 05, 2007 Time: 11:30 CDT Location: Haltom City Tx
Instrument: 253mm F/6 Newtonian Mount: AP1200GTO Guiding: Internal Guide Chip
Extra Hardware: Televue Paracorr Seeing: Good Transparency: Fair
Camera: STL11000M Filter Wheel: Internal Filter: AstroDon Ha
Exposure: 3 x 1800 Seconds Ha Camera Control: MaximDL 4.11 Processing: MaximDL, Sigma Reject Combine, PSCS

Image Center: RA 05h 41m 02s, Dec -02d 24m 14s, Pos Angle -87d 56'
Effective Focal Length 1754.8 mm ~ 1.06" per Pixel
Notes: Cold, Light Winds ~35 Degrees F. Guiding was ~ 1 arc second